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about us



3d Environmental was established in 2006 to provide specialist vegetation and landscape assessment, management and monitoring services. The team has worked extensively throughout Queensland, Northern Territory, Western Australia and Papua New Guinea combining the core technical skills of ecology, geology and geomorphology. The 3d Environmental team has consulted to a broad range of clients including private companies, government agencies and research institutions.

David Stanton - Principal Landscape Ecologist

David Stanton has a professional career that spans 27 years with experience in the disciplines of resource mapping (vegetation, geology and geomorphology), assessment of landscape scale ecological processes ..

Maddy Dyring - Senior Landscape Ecologist

Maddy is a PhD candidate at University of Queensland completing a thesis on coastal groundwater dependent ecosystems in the Cooloola region (Sunshine Coast) and their response to environmental stressors ..

David Gooding - GIS Analyst

David Gooding specialises in representation and analysis of spatial data with extensive experience in ESRI based software products including ArcMap,